Family Favorites

Family Favorites
The love of a family is life's greatest blessing

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fairy Festival 2013

Today we were fortunate to attend the fairy festival with two of your closest friends Maya and Hannah.  You guys were so sweet together playing, exploring and enjoying the  beautiful botanical gardens.  Nathaniel had fun with Evan his little buddy too.
Olivia, Hannah, Fairy, Nathaniel and Maya

After the botanical gardens Maya came over and we took you, Nathaniel and Maya to see Monsters University.  What a fantastic way to start off your Summer!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

Today we celebrated your kindergarten graduation and I couldn't hold it together.  My dear daughter I'm having such a hard time with you growing up.  You are going to be first grader in August.  It's so hard to wrap my arms around this as I feel like I just held you in my arms.  I want you to stay sweet, adorable and inquisitive forever.  But, I know this is impossible so I just watched you in amazement and felt an amazing amount of pride!

We celebrated your graduation with you going up on stage and a little signing program.  We stayed at school for refreshments then headed over to your friend Hannah's house for a little graduation party.  You had a blast hanging out with your friends.  After the graduation party we came home relaxed for a little bit then headed over to our neighbor's and your friend Liana's house.  What an eventful day, a day I will never forget.

Proud graduate

Leana and Olivia

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Today you had your 8th CASL skate competition at Buena Park.  You were feeling tired from our Colorado trip as we had just gotten back early Friday morning.  I could see it in the way you were skating as you were much slower and when you weren't landing tricks at practice you were getting very frustrated.  The end result was not what you wanted 7th place overall out of 14 kids.  If only you'd landed more of your tricks you could have done a lot better.  We were both pretty disappointed and down.  Luckily the disappointment didn't last long as they called your name for best trick for the huge ollie from a bank that was much taller than you.  This was a trick that dad had suggested during warm ups that initially you hesitated.  I'm so glad you conquered your fear. It certainly paid off to challenging yourself.  Congratulations on winning best trick!  

Friday, September 30, 2011

Jordan's Wedding - Colorado

Enjoying a kiss from Auntie Jordan before the ceremony

The kids getting ready to make their debut down the aisle

Kaleb walked nana down the aisle

Olivia the flower girl

Aunt Jessica, JJ, Grandpa, Aunt Jordan, Cameron, Nana and Aunt Jillian

Olivia and Kaleb were in Auntie Jordan's wedding in a farm called Pastures of Plenty in Colorado.  Olivia was the Flower Girl and Kaleb was the Junior Groomsmen.  The kids really enjoyed being a part of her special day.  The ceremony was beautiful.  You could feel the love that Cameron and Jordan share in their vows and special touches that were a part of their wedding.  It was quite a privilege to enjoy such a beautiful celebration and to spend time with family.  

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Friendship that you Share - Olivia and Nathaniel

My heart can't help but smile when I see you two together.  No matter where we are you both always find a way to entertain each other.  Here at San Clemente Skatepark your big brother practices half the day away while you play together.  

You are adorable, sweet, and so loving together.  

Saturday, September 17, 2011

San Clemente Skate Contest - Focusing on the Positives

Kaleb has been looking forward to the annual San Clemente Skate Contest for weeks.  We even went to practice last Sunday, and I took him out half day Friday as well.  He had a run set and was feeling confident about his skating.  At warm ups this morning I could see he looked a little "off" he wasn't landing his heelflip, and he was getting a little frustrated.  The weather was also drizzly which could have also thrown for a loop.  Well whatever it was he didn't skate his best.  He changed his first run last minute and it turned out ok at best and he knew it.  His second run went a little better. He did his original planned run but still didn't land the heel flip nor the boardslide on the hubba.  I could see the disapointment on his face immediately following his run.  And I just wanted to run up to him and hug him and tell him everything was going to be ok.  After the contest we waited for the results for a few hours and when the announcer did not call his name.  My heart sank.  He was so upset.  Poor Kaleb I wanted so badly for him to have another run to prove to the judges that he's the best skater out there.  But, we didn't have the luxury instead we all went home a little sad.  On the way home we were focusing on the positives.  

The last few days Kaleb has been really been stepping up on his rails.  In fact, here is a clip of his best hubba boardslide in San Clemente.

And here are a few shots of him doing a boardslide on a regular rail.  His style and length of the slide are amazing!  

He also got additional skate time to practice and get better.  And last, and most importantly he go to skate with his friends and watch one of his friends place.  Life does not get much better than this!  

I cannot tell you enough Kaleb I am extremely proud of all that you do.  I love you so much!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stomach Emptying Test

Today Nathaniel had a stomach emptying test at Children's Hospital.  To prepare for the exam Nathaniel needed to stop eating or drinking eight hours prior to the test.  We checked into Children's Hospital at 8am in the Radiology Department.  In order for them to do the test Nathaniel is supposed to drink in the exam room 4 oz of his formula with a special radiation liquid added.  I sat him on my lap to ease him into his feeding.  The problem right off is that Nathaniel already gets anxious when we enter Children's Hospital.  He's been there and had so many procedures that he already knows something is going to happen to him.  So, I tried to ease him by cradling him and then offering him his bottle.  He closes his mouth up and refuses to open his mouth.  I remind his that he's hungry and that he's not drank his "bubby" (his word for bottle) this morning.  NO he yells.  The technician warns me that the test cannot be done unless he drinks his bottle.  I ask her for suggestions on feeding a child that refuses to open his mouth.  She suggests we syringe feed him.  We try this and fortunately he takes in about half the necessary amount.  She agrees to go ahead an begin.  
She now explains how the procedure works.  In order to perform a stomach emptying test the child has to lay flat on a foam board, then strapped down from the shoulders to feet.  Then the x-ray machine is laid on top of the child leaving only about three inches between table and overhead machine.  The exam runs for about two and half hours.  I looked at her shocked thinking how in the world does she expect a child to sit still for that long.  I was very skeptical this was going to work for my very active and easily agitated child.
As the technician takes Nathaniel from my arms to lay him down he immediately begins to scream and cry.  I warned her that any excessive crying for Nathaniel (more than one minute is his definition of excessive) leads to uncontrollable vomiting.  She said if he vomits we'll have to shut down the room and call the hazardous material team since he's infused with radioactive material.  In my mind I responded well get the "haz mat" team ready because he's gonna throw up. She lays him down and straps him in from his shoulders down to his feet.  He was hysterical. Then she laid the imaging machine about three inches from him from the tip of his nose down to his toes. During that moment I thought, we'll be lucky if he stays still without throwing up for five minutes.  Then suddenly I remembered how calm Nathaniel gets when I sing to him his favorite songs.  I sang for about an hour and half straight while having my cheek next to him and rubbing his temples.  He finally fell asleep about half an hour before the the test ended.  The end result was that Nathaniel's stomach empties normally.  This is good! However we are back at square 1 - why is he not gaining weight even with the feeding tube?  More test to follow from the Geneticist to see if Nathaniel has any genetic disorder.